Kilo Press Kit

Welcome to Kilo’s brand resources page where you’ll find brand guidelines and downloadable assets for editorial publishing.
Application of Kilo trademarks, logos, or other branding elements is subject to Kilo’s Trademarks Usage Agreement provided upon request.

Kilo Brand Guideline

This quick guide outlines the standard for using Kilo’s brand assets and showcasing Kilo product content. By following these guidelines, you help us protect our brand and uphold your work in the most consistent way. Consistency is easy on everyone involved! To this degree, please comply with only the approved brand assets from this site. The use of any logos or images found elsewhere is strongly discouraged, as it may harm mutual brand recognition.




Kilo Logo

Kilo’s logotype should be used whenever possible to maintain brand recognition and consistency. Otherwise, the Kilo symbol can be used where the full logotype would not be practical.


Kilo logo should have whitespace to breathe and ensure that any other element does not encroach on our logo. Keep at least 50% whitespace (half a Kilo symbol height) between the logo and surrounding elements.


Kilo logo should always be either full Heliotrope or White depending on the colour of the background. In case of technical limitations, you may revert to black and white.


Modification of the design or colour of our assets in any way is strictly prohibited. Don’t alter, rotate, reshape, or add taglines to the logo. Refrain from using any icons or images to represent Kilo other than what is found in this press kit.

Kilo Typography

Our primary typeface, Fira Sans, is mainly used for headlines and display text on our website.

Fira Sans

Kilo. Social for the Antisocial.


Our primary typeface, Fira Sans, is mainly used for headlines and display text on our website.
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Kilo is a leading digital platform for every people manage social media in one place.


Inter, our secondary typeface, is mainly used for subheadings, paragraphs, labels, and web⁠⁠-⁠⁠app headlines.
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Kilo Purple


Kilo Violet


Kilo Colour Palette

Our primary colours consist of purple and violet shades. Please maintain consistent usage on any range of Kilo products to uphold recognition and strength as a brand.

Kilo Media Assets

Here are Kilo broadcast visuals available for use when showcasing the Kilo user interface. For ideal onscreen display quality, please download the broadcast visuals file.

Kilo Illustrations

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System Status

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Kilo Product Screen

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Calendar Open

Calendar Open



Schedule Mobile

Schedule Mobile

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Download all the asset and documentation at once

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